Amigos de los Animales

A non-profit, volunteer-run program dedicated to helping fight animal welfare issues faced on the island of Puerto Rico. ADLA rescues, rehabilitates and finds homes for abused and abandoned companion and farm animals, and also facilitates the rescue of such animals alongside other rescue organizations in Puerto Rico.

Bill's Kitchen

A non-profit organization run on volunteer work dedicated to assisting in food preparations and provisions to those in need in order to combat hunger, malnutrition, and illness in Puerto Rico.


A non-profit foundation that works towards facilitating the provision of the best possible treatment to young cancer patients in Puerto Rico in the Pediatric Hospital of the "Centro Médico." CAP raises funds in order to purchase medical equipment purposed to treat and diagnose cancer. It also serves as maintenance for the hospital's facilities and grants patients support and recreational services.


A non-profit, educational institution that aspires to offer all the possible opportunities necessary to promote the physical, emotional, social, and vocational growth for students with mental limitations. The institution invites students from other areas to help with activities within the facilities of the school.

Colegio San Gabriel

An academy dedicated to being a center of reference in the education, rehabilitation, and general assistance of mute-deaf children and young adults in Puerto Rico. Voluntary work consists of helping the student body and faculty of San Gabriel with their daily activities.

Fundación Puertorriqueña Síndrome Down (FPSD)

A non-profit organization working towards achieving the effective integration of down syndrome patients into the educational, social, and economic structures of Puerto Rico. The organization is highly thankful for any volunteer work that helps attain the maximum development possible in all areas for kids with down syndrome.

Fondita de Jesús

A non-profit, volunteer-run organization with religious origins striving to create and maintain a community among the homeless by means of equity, self-reliance, and spirituality. The program offers volunteer work to assist in hygienic, food-related, psychological, psychiatric, and recreational activities dedicated to those without a home.

Gersh Academy

A special education organization that provides opportunities in a school setting for children with autism in Puerto Rico to develop academic, social and independent life skills. The academy offers volunteer work to assist in the aforementioned fields and to interact with the student bodies through different activities.

Lily's Angels & Down Syndrome Foundation

A foundation dedicated to delivering therapy, educational, and community service programs at Lily's angels Therapy & Development Clinic in Guaynabo. The organization seeks to bring access to therapy and promote awareness to the cause and bring wellness to its members.

NHS Seniors Service

NHS Seniors and Senior candidates meet every Tuesday to organize and respond to island-wide needs created by the hurricane. This is an ongoing effort and continues through the year. As needs arise, Seniors will visit towns and work with relief organizations. Most work will take place on weekends. For more information, contact Mr. Henner.


A non-profit, organization entity dedicated and specialized in the voluntary provision of therapeutic services directed to patients suffering from Alzheimers. 

San Jorge Children's Hospital

The San Jorge Children's Hospital invites volunteers to contribute to the welfare of children in the hospital by means of recreational activities to create a peaceful and cheerful environment for patients in need. The Hospital also invites volunteers to be part of a community of health professionals dedicated solely to children.


An organization that aims to provide exceptional services to people with autism and other mental disabilities in order for them to procure an equal opportunity to live, learn, work, and socialize in their communities to their maximum potential. Volunteer work ranges everywhere from office work to helping children in their classroom activities.