SIGN UP for the following clubs for easy access to community service opportunities within and beyond the campus: UNICEF Club, Environmental Awareness Club, Community Service Club, and the Recycling Club.



Programa de Voluntarios en el Museo de Arte de PR durante el verano.


  • Edad para participar: 14 años en adelante
  • Disponibilidad para colaborar en horario lunes a viernes 8:00am a 5:00pm (Diferentes Turnos a asignarse)
  • Completar Solicitud de Admisión al Programa (Adjunta)
  • Relevo de Menor Firmado previo a comenzar- (Adjunto)
  • Completar proceso de reclutamiento y adiestramiento (A coordinarse)

Aquellos estudiantes interesados pueden someter por correo electrónico la solicitud completada a la siguiente dirección de correo electrónico: jneris@mapr.org ó traer impresa personalmente al Museo durante el horario de operaciones Lunes a Viernes 10:00am a 5:00pm ó sábados y domingos de 11:00am a 5:00pm a la atención de José J. Neris, Oficial de Recursos Humanos.

T - 787-977-6277 ext.2279

F - 787-977-4408


The elementary Performing Arts classroom needs help organizing all props and costumes. Please contact contactgomez.madeline@sjspr.org if interested.



A bold service platform designed for Saint John's School students.


Welcome to Saint John's School, where students innovate for the sake of the community.

The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.
— Albert Schweitzer

The Saint John’s School Outreach Program is a service initiative designed and run by students. The platform strives to provide the SJS student body with a clean, efficient, and innovative way to select and read about service programs available to the school across the island.

The program aims to motivate students to independently serve others and selflessly bring good to those around them. Contributors to the program will be granted the opportunity to discover themselves and their potential to assist and deliver to people who are more than worthy of the commitment, integrity, and love our students are ready to share.